Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is the final installation for the semester's work in the digital fabrication course. The semester's research was about using thin gauge plastic and creasing it in order to create a unit that could be manipulated and aggregated to create an entire structure. This particular project used curved creases to generate the "beams". Each beam was constructed with 5 sides, the fifth being folded over the first to allow the beam to be riveted close.


A constraint that was set up early in the project was to create the curved beams out of a single piece of plastic and to generate all of the curves off of a straight median line. This provided a high material efficiency, up to 86%.

A script was used to generate the inflection points of the two dimensional drawings based off of a three dimensional input surface.


Project was completed in collaboration with John Hilmes, Matthew Strong, and Bennett Scorcia.