Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discoveries Through Translation Part III Final Product

This is the final product for the translation experiment. Plaster was cast on top of the original cut, and then a new pattern was cut, resulting in something which was unexpected. When designing the piece it was unclear where the cut would be rigid insulation, spray foam or plaster.

Kuka Clay Cutting

This project explores using the Kuka robot to carve oil based clay molds to make small benches. By using clay, we can create a cast for a bench, and then remold the same clay to carve out another bench. When using other materials to make casts, material is cut away and discarded, but with the clay we reduce our waste to almost nothing. This project is in collaboration with Jason Prasad and Mathew Schwartz.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Discoveries Through Translation Part III

This is the first part of the final translations experiment. This piece experiments with routing rigid insulation and spray foam. The spray foam provides an unpredictable and aerated material where the outcome of the final product is not exactly known before cutting into the material. This piece will be covered in plaster and routed once more with a different surface, where the final outcome is truly unpredictable.