Friday, December 16, 2011

Proposal for an Installation

This is the initial proposal for an installation to combine all of the ideas about ornamentation in terms of texture. The reading pavilion is designed to provide a personal space for reading. Two main factors are taken into consideration for the design of the pavilion: providing privacy, and diffusing light to provide pleasant lighting conditions for reading. Ornamentation is extensively used in a way which functions to solve the design problems associated with the program. Ornamentation is discussed in terms of the textures provided by the use of screens in the pavilion. A double layer of screens with varying openings provides privacy in certain areas, while still allowing views out of the pavilion. Also, on the southern side of the pavilion, the layers of the screen move away from one another increasing the area for the diffusion of the light. The layers of screens move towards one another on the northern side, creating a smaller space between openings. This allows more of the diffuse northern light to enter the pavilion. 

It is expected that the continuation of the design will combine surface texture with openings in the screen, which will be read as one and the same. The pavilion will not be viewed as ornamented, but seen for the function of the apertures as well as how the texture brings a sense of scale to the pavilion. The texture carved into the material will enhance the shadows that the structure creates by casting shadows on itself as well.

During discussions about the work, it was suggested that the enclosure be a complete enclosure, forcing the discussion about how the structure transitions from the floor, to wall, to ceiling, to bending around a corner. Similar projects have been worked on, but often neglect these issues and result in an open ended barrel vault form. Also, it was suggested that the program should be removed. The installation should be an experiment on the affects that can be created rather than serving a specific function. Finally, the method by which the structure is designed needs to be changed. It is clear that the structure was designed based on the u and v coordinates of the input surface, and it would be more interesting to have something more organic or a structure which is generated from a single point.

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